.With the Justin Alexander Be You campaign your body is not an apology… now I might be getting all airy fairy with you here but this message is SO SO IMPORTANT and I cannot stress it enough. Justin Alexander Be You

When you share your story with me at Somerset Bridal I respond with empathy and understanding. Together we stamp out body shaming. Together we will stop telling the world that you are sorry for your wrong, bad body.. that is what I mean when I say “your body is not an apology”.

It is a radical way to love yourselves… on that most special day in your life. On your wedding day all eyes are on you. Your own eyes are looking at that beautiful bride in the mirror you will need this more than ever. I cannot give you self-esteem. I don’t have a magic bowl of self-confidence I can ladle out. However they are not what we are looking for anyway. Just think of all those obnoxious people you know that ooze confidence and think very highly of themselves – you wanna be like them?

Not on your Nelly .. what you need is much more than that. You need….. ta dah….. SELF-LOVE! When you have spent you entire life at war with your own body SELF LOVE frees you, LOVE YOUR BODY.

Justin Alexander Be You

Luckily the bridal industry is taking note. Your typical Google search for plus-size wedding dresses will direct you to traditional plus-size styling. You know the ones with that dreaded ruching and apron fronts! But the latest “Justin Alexander Be You” campaign is all about making brides look and feel as beautiful as they are.  In the most stunning of curvy bride, fashion-forward designs – it’s all about not feeling that you have to change to look your best. Too often, women feel that they need to lose weight or ‘get in shape’ before the big day.

Justin Alexander dresses have a style to match your self-love, be it a fish-tail, an A-line or a beaded beauty and I have a serious girl-crush on Iskra Lawrence, who champions body diversity and positivity. The Justin Alexander be you images show real women who love themselves. Why not come and get a heavy dose of self-love at Somerset Bridal… we are waiting with open arms and real women sample sizes up to a size 36…bridal fashion for every body. Finally why not Contact Us to book an appointment.