At Somerset Bridal it’s all about the curves! We are on a mission  to give curvy brides the same jaw-dropping options that have always been available in smaller sizes and with a cool, calm  space where you can celebrate exactly who you are…

This might not sound extraordinary, but if you are a curvy bride you’ll appreciate that the options you have, the breathtaking designs you need and the welcome you get at some bridal boutiques all vanish into a haze the bigger your dress size is! NOT SO AT SOMERSET BRIDAL… we have all of the glamour and all of the stunning  designs and the very warmest of welcomes as we show you how drop dead gorgeous you can look.. because BEAUTY COMES IN ALL SIZES!

Throwing the bridal rulebook out of the window we have a  carefully curated collection of  breathtaking designs selected with curvy brides in mind from the world’s most fashion-forward, award-winning designers. And the best bit? Our samples are in sizes that you can actually try on, ranging from 12’s right up to size 36’s with the majority of our samples over  size 18.

We pride ourselves on our honest yet sensitive approach; appointments are always filled with fun and joy because we are passionate about our Somerset Brides. Right up until the day you say your ‘I do’s’ we are here for you every step of the way.  We’re the experts at helping women find a wedding gown that  makes even the most disheartened and discouraged brides feel on top of the world.

We cannot wait to meet you and hear all about your big day, we’ll  laugh with you, shed tears of joy with you and  celebrate as you say ‘yes’ to the most important dress you will ever wear.


A few years ago I was a ‘curvy bride’ and I can tell you shopping for a gown was not fun…My hope was to find an entire boutique filled with samples in real sizes that I could squeeze my chunky derriere into, an oasis of on-trend beautiful gowns but that boutique was nowhere to be found (apart from in my dreams – literally).

Fast forward a few years and that dream is now a reality. Owning my own boutique every day I have the privilege of helping all brides, no matter what their size, find the dress they never thought possible. I am rewarded with happy, confident women who are rocking their curves and looking amazing on their wedding day. My dream came true…


As Debbie’s Mum and business partner I have found a new passion in life. It is a far cry from what I am used to as a business woman with a car parts business for the last 20 years!. But to see the delight and happiness that we can bring to a future bride when she finds the perfect dress is the best feeling ever. Every single bride is so different in many ways but they have the same aim, to look beautiful on their special day. That is my aim and as long as I can achieve that I am truly happy.


Being the youngest of the three feisty women that own Somerset Bridal I am responsible for our social media and for helping choose the fantastic on-trend designs that we are known for. I have a keen eye for detail and can often be found in the shop at weekends and on special event days where I get to see Mom and Nan do their thing! To me it’s about helping them create truly magical experience for brides.