What is the best wedding dress style for my body shape?

Which wedding and bridal dress style is perfect for me?


Goodness me, no wonder brides can get themselves in a tiz and a little lost trying to figure out which bridal silhouette suits them best.

This is where we come in, we are the experts in the best wedding dress shape for your body, we are Body Confidence Bridal.

Our goal at our luxurious bridal boutique in Somerset is to help every woman that steps through our doors look and feel confident on their big day. You’ve all heard of the typical body shape descriptors; Apple, Pear, Rectangle, Spoon, Diamond, Oval, Hourglass, Cornet, Lollipop, Skinny… guess what? It does not matter!

We have helped 100’s of brides find their dream dress and the most often asked question is “what type of dress silhouette is going to suit my body shape?”

But here’s the rub… two women who would both say they are ‘apples’ and a size 20 (for example), would both not feel equally fabulous in the same dresses. They will, most likely,  look very very different in the same dress. In fact you’d be surprised at just how different they can look and feel.

The RULE IS…. THERE IS NO RULE!!! Yep, that’s right, there is NO RULE about what will look good on a  specific body shape because all women are made differently. We all have different proportions. Every woman is slightly different, there are just so many body bits that can vary; we can both be size 20’s but have wider shoulders, narrower waists, bigger boobs, more ‘junk in the trunk’, you get the picture?

At Somerset Bridal we ask questions to help you work out what sort of dress you want. We ask questions that will help us work out what sort of personality you are, what your everyday style is like and the most important question: “do you want to show off your body?” This is the critical question and will be the biggest factor in your choice of silhouette.

Together let’s throw the rulebook out of the window because it does not matter and is irrelevant. We are never judgmental, we are always supportive and kind and we make the whole process a fun journey of love and discovery. Once we work out want to do we can show you a selection of our beautiful gowns from the world’s best bridal designers that will meet that need.

The best way to figure out what makes you feel like ‘whoop whooping’ in your gown is to trust us and try them on. You’ll know when we’ve got it right, you’ll stand on our catwalk (or do a little strut down it) and look in the mirror and just feel WOW.

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