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Our team of stylists are dedicated to helping you find a dress that accentuates your unique features and makes you feel like your wedding day is something to look forward to, not something to dread. We carry a wide variety of styles, from classic and elegant to modern and fashion-forward, and we're always adding new designs to our collection.

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How much should I expect to spend with you for my wedding dress or gown?

Somerset Bridal caters to all different budgets with TWO stores, our Outlet dresses are prices from £99 to £699 and the gowns in our main boutique have gowns ranging from £1000 – £4000. So if your budget is below £1000 please book in at the Outlet, if your budget is higher than £1000 please book at our luxury bridal boutique. Always let us know what you are comfortable spending and we will show you a variety of amazing gowns to fit your needs.


What's different about wedding dress sizing?

We fully understand and embrace all of our WOMAN-SIZE  brides. We offer a personal service specifically tailored to meet each brides’ requirements, in a relaxed, non-judgmental and friendly atmosphere. There is no body shape or body image issue that we have not seen.

Bridal sizing is notoriously small, ignore the number on the hanger, bridal dresses are usually about two sizes smaller. We believe that beauty comes in all sizes, that’s why we stock sample gowns in all sizes from 8 to 36.


I have not set a date or chosen my wedding venue, should I book or wait to choose my wedding dress?

We would say please wait until you have your date and venue decided as both can influence your choice of gown. We will be waiting for you once you have firmed up your day.


How much do wedding dress alterations cost?

Our seamstress are highly trained experts and will fit your dress to perfections. Allow between £250-350 for standard alterations, more if you have some exciting customisations.


How long does it take to make my gown?

Generally it takes between 6-7 months although some of our designers will let us see what is currently in production and we can ‘nab’ one of those for you and get it quicker.  This is why we say try and start looking for your gown from between 9-12 months before your big day. If you have less time, please don’t worry we love a challenge and we do have rush options available and you can nearly always purchase a dress off the tack in the boutique if it is your size. Remember you need to allow 10-12 weeks for your alterations.


I live over 2 hours away from Somerset Bridal how can I book an experience with you?

Our reputation is spreading far and wide! Somerset Bridal is based in Minehead, a lovely seaside town,  so why not make a weekend of it? Somerset Bridal has a Travel Package, it costs £120 and here’s what you get:

  • 1 night accommodation in a double en-suite room  for two at a local Minehead hotel.
  • An extended 2.5 hour bridal appointment with our Senior Stylist.
  • Goody bag with some fab gifts as a thank you for visiting us.
  • £120 credit toward your gown purchased at this appointment
  • Discount of 50% off any veil and hair accessories purchased with your gown.
  • So basically your accommodation is free and you get extra savings and treats on top should you find your gown, and we are confident you will.

Just give us a ring or mention that you would like the travel package on our appointment form and we will contact you to confirm all of your travel plans and answer any questions. It really is worth travelling to see us, especially if you are a fashion-forward curvy bride and we so excited you’re making the journey to see us  – we can’t wait to meet you!


I have really big boobs – can you help me find a wedding dress?

YES!! Your body shape dictates what bridal gown you wear and the biggest factor in this is usually your boobs. We need to make sure that your girls are behaving and that you can enjoy your day without worrying. We are the experts, if we advise you to wear a good underwired bra then we really mean that you need to… lingerie loops can hide the straps! Your body is wearing the dress, not the other way around.

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I am not a Plus Size bride

We cater for ALL sizes, our mantra is that we are 'unapologetically inclusive'. So whether you fit in a size 8 or a size 36 we firmly believe that you are not skinny-size or plus-size, you are WOMAN-SIZE. What matters is that we understand the female body in all its exquisite forms and size truly does not matter when you are shopping for a wedding gown. Our sample sizes are often larger so that we can help every bride and no-one has to imagine what a dress could look like on them. We have lots of clever tricks to pin a gown to your figure.

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Can I take photos of the wedding dresses?

Yes, as many as you like although beware some of your entourage might not be great photographers and it is more important to remember how you feel in a dress. Sometimes we pull funny faces when our photos taken if you are anything like Debbie or Susie!


Who can I bring to my bridal gown fitting appointment?

You are more than welcome to bring along all the important people in your life! We know that “saying yes to the dress” can be daunting without the support of your nearest and dearest and you may want to bring along your Mum, BFF, Auntie Connie, Granny, future sister-in-law, and all your bridesmaids. If you can limit yourself to a couple of key people we promise that your experience will be a lot more enjoyable! It’s hard to hear your own voice when you are  focused on pleasing too many opinions – don’t forget that it’s your dress and you need to love it!

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What makes you an unapologetically inclusive wedding dress experience?

We aren't like other bridal stores we who order dresses in sizes 10 or 12. This means that their gowns only fit brides sized  8 or 10 (crazy eh!). At Somerset Bridal we are different. We have one of the largest selection of modern, contemporary styles in all sizes with over half of our gowns in larger sample sizes right up to a 46. This means that no matter what that silly number on your clothes happens to be you can actually try on wedding dresses to see how they would fit your body.

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Can I wear makeup to my wedding dress fitting appointment?

Yes of course, you’ll be stepping into most dresses. Our dresses don’t love heavy fake tans though as they can sometimes stain.

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Do I have to book an appointment to find my wedding gown?

Yes, we are by appointment only so that every bride has our expert stylists all to themselves with the personalised experience that you deserve. You can book an appointment online here ------ link here


How do I pay once I find my gown?

We accept Apple/Googlepay, cash, debit cards and credit cards or we can give you our bank details for an online payment. Please remember that all sales are final. We require a 50% initial payment and the balance is due when your dress arrives with us. If you want we can take a smaller initial payment, usually 25% and then set you up with an instalment plan. Please don’t be afraid to ask us about finances.


When should I start looking for my wedding gown?

We recommend you start to gather your ideas at least 12 months before your wedding. You should aim to refine these around 9 months before the wedding as it can take up to six months for a dress to arrive! You may also need alterations, which can take another few months.

If this timeline does not fit, do not fret, at Somerset Bridal, we do our very best to accommodate last-minute shoppers. We have a collection of “One and Only’s” in a variety of styles & sizes that can be purchased straight off the rail at a discounted price.


What happens if I don't like my wedding dress once it arrives?

It’s a biggie buying a bridal gown, we understand. We wholeheartedly believe that we are the friendliest, funniest and most special (in lots of ways) bridal boutique in the UK.


It is often many months between us ordering you ‘the one’ and her arriving with us at Somerset Bridal. We are the opposite of pushy and never EVER push a bride into ordering her gown with us but once she does sometimes, just sometimes, our bride has a niggle. Did she buy the right dress? Is it the right size? Will her partner cry when they see her in it? Once the gown arrives our lovely bride usually gasps ‘ how did I ever doubt that this is my dress’ and all is well.

That gap between ordering and seeing your gown might be a little less worrisome if you know you have options if you are not 100% HAPPY when you meet her.

We want to take away that worry……so we have introduced our HAPPINESS GUARANTEE…….


What time should I arrive?

We would ask that you do not arrive early for your appointment, most likely we will still be helping a bride and we need a short time to sanitise and prepare for your arrival. If you know you are running more than 10 minutes late can you please ring and let us know

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I have chosen my wedding dress, what happens now?

Firstly we take your measurements and discuss any potential changes. Being honest at this stage really helps us order your dream dress! We ask for a 50% initial payment and we ask that you pay the remaining 50% when your dress arrives, usually around 8-10 weeks before your wedding.

It is likely that your gown will need a few tweaks. All your fittings and alterations can be carried out in-house by our seamstress this usually takes place 8 weeks before the big day! Or we have a list of recommended seamstresses throughout Somerset and Devon that we can recommend.

Finally, it’s time to become a Real Somerset Bride on your wedding day – don’t forget to send us snaps and tag us #realsomerserbride on our Instagram. When your professional photos arrive please send them in and we would love to feature you on our website.

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Do you sell wedding gown accessories?

We like nothing more than pulling your whole bridal look together and we carry a wide range of veils, bridal belts, hair pieces and jewellery. We don’t sell shoes though!

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How are you different from other bridal boutiques & wedding dress shops?

Most wedding dress boutiques order sample dresses in size 10 or 12 or smaller. This means that their gowns only fit brides sized  8 or 10 (crazy eh!). Somerset Bridal is different; we pride ourselves on having the area’s largest selection of modern, contemporary styles in all sizes with over half of our gowns in larger sample sizes right up to a 36. This means that no matter what that silly number on your clothes happens to be you can actually try on wedding dresses to see how they would fit your body.

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What will happen at my wedding dress fitting appointment?

You’ll have the best time ever! We want your time with is to be memorable and exciting. As soon as you arrive you’ll be greeted by a very warm hello from one of our expert stylists. Then we’ll get you some complimentary drinks and we’ll have a chat to hear about all of your plans, your hopes and very importantly your fears. We’ll either ask you to choose a few gown to start trying on or we can pick some for you… and then the fun begins!

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There is a particular gown I am interested in from one of your designers and I cannot see it on your website?

We cannot carry every gown that our designers make and we do try to have a wide a selection as possible. If there is a gown you are just busting to try on please let us know, we may be able to loan her in from the designer for a small charge which we refund on purchase of any gown.


I am on a tight budget for my wedding dress, what can I do?

There are two options for you, we can either sign you up to our fabulous payment plan, no credit check just an agreement between us girls to pay 25% of the price of your gown as an initial payment and then we split the rest in up to 9 monthly instalments. Or.. we always have a selection of beautifully cared for samples that we need to match to their perfect bride and these are sometimes available with up to 75% off

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Have you someone who can alter my wedding dress?

All dresses will need an expert seamstress for your dress to fit you perfectly and to make any of those wonderful customisations we have discussed with you. We have a recommended seamstress that comes to us on a Tuesday and a list of recommended seamstresses throughout England that we can refer you to. The cost of alterations is not included in the cost of your gown.


Will other brides see me in my gown?

Never… you and your guests have the sole use of the boutique for your appointment.

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What is a wedding dress sample sale?

Brides can purchase the sample gown that is on our rails right now. We run a couple of sample sales a year, usually in February and November. Sample sales are great for brides that are on a tight time scale or who are looking for a bargain.


I’ve already purchased some accessories, can I bring them to try on with the dresses?

Yes of course, if you already have some jewellery, a veil, shoes or even something sentimental that you know you are going to be wearing please bring them along, it is important that the whole bridal look is perfect.

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What should I wear to my wedding gown fitting experience?

We are not a ‘rules’ kinda shop but if you can avoid anything black that helps as you can sometimes see the underwear through the gown, but if black is all you have then that is fine! Nude is best but please don’t stress about this!

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What should I bring to my wedding gown fitting experience?

Your bridal appointment will be an incredible experience for you and your #bridestribe. Top of our list of what to bring – an open mind! We will be trying on lots of silhouettes and styles to help you discover what you love but any photos or inspiration for the big day are very welcome. We might not have those exact dresses but chances are we have something similar.

Some brides prefer to wear a strapless bra and some like to wear tummy-tuckers but neither is essential, just try and steer away from the black undies as they will show up underneath bridal gowns. Just be comfortable and we will do the rest!

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Are wedding dress fittings FREE?

YES!! Exactly £0! We never charge for an appointment, our consultations always include refreshments and last around 2 hours. We love our Somerset Brides To Be and that’s why we give our brides exclusive use of the boutique throughout their time with us. You will never have another bride or bridal party with us at the same time.

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Do you do appointments in the evening or on Sundays?

Evening appointments are available upon request but are not directly bookable online. We are usually open every third Sunday, you can book these online.


Do you do any formal wear?

Not in our boutique but we own our formalwear shop a few minutes away, Blindin’ Suits will help style your other half and their entourage. Brides who purchase their gown from us get a lovely ten per cent off all purchases at Blindin’ Suits. At the moment we do not carry bridesmaids, mothers or flower girl outfits. Blindin Suits


How can I prepare for my wedding dress fitting appointment?

The main thing – don’t stress! Please ring us or message us on our social media if there is anything at all you worried about. Remember we specialise in the nervous bride and there is nothing we have not heard before. If you want, do a little research on styles of wedding dresses you like, we will always talk to you and we often know what sort of dresses will look great on you within a few minutes, we call it our ‘spidey bridey sixth sense’

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Is there any parking near the Somerset Bridal shop?

There is a free to park layby just down from the boutique and there is plenty of street parking in the surrounding streets

Find our shop here


Are children allowed?

We love kids and babes-in-arms are always allowed and older children are very welcome but we do find that toddlers and young children get bored very quickly and can impact on your experience. If you do bring a young person can you please make sure they have someone who can keep them occupied at all times.

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How long do wedding dress fittings and experiences last?

Generally two hours, so that gives about 90 mins to find that dream dress and another 30 mins to do all our measuring and paperwork. All brides are different, some like to make quick decisions and some need second (or third!) appointments. Quick tip from Debbie : eat before you come shopping. It’s more work than you think (some dresses are heavy!) and hungry brides can become cranky brides. Eat, please! (If you forget we have lots of nibbles x)

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Still have questions?

Either have a look at our full and comprehensive FAQ pages or Contact us directly.

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What to expect at Somerset Bridal

Our team of stylists are dedicated to helping you find a dress that accentuates your unique features and makes you feel like your wedding day is something to look forward to, not something to dread. We carry a wide variety of styles, from classic and elegant to modern and fashion-forward, and we're always adding new designs to our collection.

Size Inclusive bridal boutique

We believe that a bride's size, shape or view of herself should never be a barrier to finding the perfect dress, and we're unapologetically inclusive in our approach. 

WE understand the importance of body-acceptance

At Somerset Bridal, we specialise in a body-acceptance wedding dress experience that is inclusive of all shapes and sizes. We know that finding the perfect dress can be a daunting task, but we're here to make it fun, stress-free, and enjoyable.

Somerset Bridal Wedding Dress Shop in Minehead Taunton, UK

A wide range of sizes for all

We have an extensive range of bridal gowns for all sizes so whether you're a size 6 or 46, you'll be treated with the same level of care and attention to detail.

Personal styling service

At Somerset Bridal you will get a personal and private styling and fitting experience. No other brides or members of the public will see you during your dress fitting so you can rest assured that you will be treated to a unique and inclusive experience

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